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Big Brothers Big Sisters are mature adults volunteers who are at least 21 years of age and willing to be a positive influence in the life of a child. These volunteers spend 2-5 hours per week with the child who is between ages of 7-14 and are primarly from a single parent family. The volunteers act as role models and friends to the children with the goal of increasing their self-esteem and self-confidence as well as being a support system for them.

At the present time the agency has 130 children on the Ready to be Matched in the five county area.



A Big Couple is an ideal way for a married couple to volunteer together and help a child at the same time. They can have children of their own and include them in the match if they so desire.


This program is for people who would like to volunteer but are unable to make the weekly commitment. Bigs for the Day attend our monthly activities. You are not required to attend every event but we encourage you to attend as many as possible. Bigs for the Day are matched with children on the Ready to be Matched list for that particular activity. The time commitment is approximately 3 hours per month. This program is a great way to introduce people to our organization. Many of our children are on the Ready to be Matched list for two years or more due to the lack of volunteers.


This program is funded through a grant from the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services. All the children involved in the program have a family history of substance abuse. The children in this program can be from a two-parent family. We match these children with volunteer adults who see them weekly. We offer special Educational Sessions for the children involved in this program.

These children have been targeted because studies show they are more likely to develop the same dependency. The goal of this program is to prevent these children from developing a drug or alcohol dependency.


This program is designed to assist children in the school system. We match volunteers (adults or high school students) with Jr. High or Elementary students who tutor them. The programs are held at the school and the agency provides staff supervision and support. We currently have this program in the following schools: Zane Trace (Ross),  Logan Elm (Pickaway), Circleville City Schools (Pickaway), and Chillicothe City – Allen Elementary (Ross). These programs are very effective even though the tutor/mentor only spends one hour per week with the child.


This child sexual abuse prevention is an education curriculum developed with the goal of lowering instances of child sexual abuse. Empower is provided to all the children in our program and must be completed before the child is matched with a volunteer. The program provides information on: personal safety and family rules, the common elements of child sexual abuse, the potential indicators of child sexual abuse, how to talk with a child victim of abuse, the importance of reporting abuse, the need for therapeutic intervention with victims and their families, supportive networks, and assertiveness and self-esteem builders. The expected outcome of this program is greater knowledge of child sexual abuse, prevention strategies and tools to deal with the effects of sexual abuse.




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